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Supporting the Export: Burmese Exports You Can Support

We’ve pointed out before that Burma’s economy could use a bit more work but, by all accounts, is on the rise. If you are in the mind to support Burmese exports, stay tuned to find out which ones you can support.


Garments are one of Burma’s (or Myanmar’s) major sources of income and influx of foreign capital into the nation. More and more western businesses and brands are looking toward Burma and their garment production to bring to life their visions. Neighboring nations are also realizing that Burmese garments are durable, affordable, and labor cost is extremely reasonable.


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If there is anything that Burma is naturally rich in, it would be rubies. In fact, the entire world’s supply of rubies predominantly comes from Burma. While there are western entities that call for a fatwa on the gem trade, it is because of other issues that have nothing to do with the ruby trade. If you wanted to obtain a ruby, going through proper channels can really go back to giving back toward the industry.


As we’ve mentioned, grain or rice is a huge part of Burmese culture. A huge part of their cuisine includes rice. Therefore, there is a huge market of specific grains that is localized only to Burma. These are grains that they tend to export toward neighboring nations.

While there is some issue for those that want to be ethical in their support of exports, it is ultimately important to remember that every little bit helps.


Not to be confused with grain. Produce, as you may know, refers to vegetables. Myanmar has a lot of vegetables that grow only in Burma. They use this to jumpstart a nearly 1.5 Billion dollar market in exports. Burmese produce is great as they are a big part of why Burmese cuisine tastes so good.


Burma has several coastal cities which have their own delicacies and specialties. Those villages and coastal cities contribute toward a nearly 540 million dollar market of export returns.

To Conclude

Supporting another nation’s exports is a great way to give to an economy that is trying to pull itself upward. If you are a Burmese national living somewhere else, supporting your local products is important. You are in a place in your life where any little thing you can support can mean a lot toward the rehabilitation of Burma’s economy.

What export are you more likely to support when you come across it?