About Us

Hello and welcome to Burma Fund.

We are an online publication that focuses on Burma. If you are not familiar with it, that’s because its name was changed in 1989. From Burma it officially became Myanmar. This, however, does not mean to imply that everything about Burma is gone. It continues to live on in the remnants of its culture. The ways, traditions, and beliefs that hold fast in the people of Myanmar still exist.

It is our aim to find out more about those and bring them to light. In the same that there is such fascination with dead languages like Latin, the people behind this publication want to sweep away decades of propaganda. We want to peel back the mystery and find Burma as it was in the height of its existence.

We firmly believe that there are always good lessons that can be learned from the past and we hope to share that with all of you. As such, you can expect to find different articles that focus of Burma, its economy, and it’s many different facets.

If there is anything in particular that you would like for us to discuss in particular, do let us know. We are always willing to delve into new topics as long as it is still relevant to our core discussion: Burma.