Untitled 1 - Basics First: Just What Is Burma?

Basics First: Just What Is Burma?

If there was anything that was going to be hailed as universal truth it is this: nations can change in the blink of an eye. This is precisely what happened to Burma. Hello and welcome to Burma Fund. We are an online publication that is going to be focusing on the topic of Burma as it was. We mention “as it was” because of the fact that Burma pretty much no longer exists.

Before and During Burma

Burma was born out of a unification of several city-states. It was estimated that it was roughly around 2nd century that this had happened. While there were several debates about which city-states were actually part of the merge, most historians could agree that they eventually turned into their own little slices of imperialism.

Whenever there are kingdoms that close to each other, it was only a matter of time before war broke out. The different kingdoms fought in a cycle that ended with a centralization of the Arakan coastline around the early 1400s.

It was around 2 centuries later that outside influences started to affect the unified kingdom. It was the outer influence of the British Empire, Siam, and even the French that has started to affect the inner workings that led to more war. Fast forward to the late 1900s; this was when the Union of Burma was born.

After Burma

It was only after 1989 that the name officially changed to Myanmar. This was the product of several periods of political unrest that eventually led to a military coup.

To Conclude

In order to fully understand the present state of a nation, it is always smart to look back. Its history will always tell how a nation’s people brought forth changes. Burma, or the name at least, may no longer be there but the history and the foundation of what made it what it is today is still there.