Useful Links

Welcome to Burma Fund. As you may know, we are an online publication that is focused on the topic of Burma and pretty much everything about it. We are a bunch of people who are highly interested in Burma—past and present. As such, it would be important to be aware of any sources that would help further our own understanding of the topic at hand.

We also believe that knowledge should be shared. As such, we would like to share some of the links that we make use of to better harness our understanding of this country and its shifting personas.

President’s Office

This is the official website of Myanmar’s president. We think that while Burma no longer exists because of certain circumstances, it is still important to keep abreast of any important updates that continue to shape the journey of the locale that used to be Burma. We await with bated breath how the ideals and beliefs that were carried by Burma are applied or discarded in Myanmar.

Myanmar Times

The Myanmar Times is an online newspaper that publicizes a lot of the latest news about Myanmar. While the link above is about understanding things as presented by the government, this link is about seeing things from the populace’s point of view. We believe that both is important if you want to get the bigger picture.

Do you have any particular links or websites that you make use of to find out more about Burma’s journey? We would love to utilize them here and give them a platform to be shared further. If you do, please send us a message and we can add your useful links here.