Untitled 1 1 - Money Talks: Why Burma’s Economy Needed to Be Watched

Money Talks: Why Burma’s Economy Needed to Be Watched

Money is what makes the world go round. As much as we would not like to adhere or confer this saying, it is sadly very true in its existence. When it comes to nations, it is their economy that greatly determines their survivability. This is something that we wanted to place focus on today because we feel this fact will not change. As such it would be good for more people to understand why a nation’s economy is something that should be watched.

Economy’s Effects

A nation’s economy is an ever present factor in determining several things:

Quality of Life pexels photo 109919 - Money Talks: Why Burma’s Economy Needed to Be Watched

It is no secret that nations with very poor economies on the world stage end up having citizens that live in abject poverty. The better economy of a nation, the better the state of living their constituents will have.

International Trade and Relations

There is no such thing as a self-sustaining nation. Every nation will have resources that they do not have naturally occurring. This is why international trade is required. Commodities like oil, rice, and even weaponry have long been at the heart of commercial trading. If a nation is to survive, it needs a healthy economy to be able to obtain resources that do not naturally occur in their land.

Burma’s Economy

Burma has long been a nation at war with itself. Since its inception it has been rather rare to have sustained peace. Warfare will always take a toll on a nation. Conflict will always mean certain things:

Displaced Citizens

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It is always the citizens that suffer when conflict arises. No matter which side wins there are always casualties. When people are displaced, this always means that there is a loss in housing and infrastructure.

No Productivity

If there is always imminent harm to a citizen’s safety and security, this also means that there will be little to no production. Goods will not be created, there will be no trade. In the end, the nation’s economy suffers greatly.

Why Did Burma’s Economy needed to be watched?

Burma was a territory that was sandwiched between Thailand and Bangladesh. The northern part is landlocked and only the south has access to the sea. While it had the potential to be evenly balanced as it had both mountainous areas as well as coastal territories, the long history of political strife did not allow the people to capitalize on this. It certainly needed a hand.

To Conclude

It’s a little too late to help Burma but Myanmar is now there and still undergoing the same troubles as before. Their economy is seemingly on track but only time will tell if they will continue this progress.

Do you believe that Burma will finally realize its full economic potential?